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2013 Annual Report

In good and bad times, The Cooperative Foundation is a steadfast supporter of cooperative development, research, and education. For more than 60 years, vision and generosity has guided the work of the foundation and in turn benefited cooperative members and communities. 

Formed by cooperative leaders in 1945, The Cooperative Foundation received much of its financial assets through the vision and generosity of St. Paul architect Thomas Ellerbe Sr. and his family. The Ellerbe contribution is a striking reminder that individuals can make lasting positive impacts. That endowment and contributions from cooperative benefactors continues to support the work of the foundation. 

The Cooperative Foundation’s legacy is one of providing the right investment at the right time to foster cooperative growth and innovations. Established organizations such Group Health Association, the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, the North American Students of Cooperation and the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives were recipients of The Cooperative Foundation grants in their formative years.

Through its mission to expand and enhance cooperatives through research, teaching, extension, innovation, and development, The Cooperative Foundation remains a vital part of the past and future of cooperation in the United States.

Take the Cooperative Education Inventory and Needs Assessment Survey

The Cooperative Foundation commissioned Southern New Hampshire University to conduct a survey of cooperative education to document the scope and quality of cooperative education materials and create an inventory of cooperative education providers in the United States.

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and covers four key points: 

    • The scope of educational and/or training programs and materials;
    • Evaluation of a list of current co-op materials. The list of publications is not comprehensive but reflects some recent publications and others that are readily accessible on the web. 
    • Identification of other outstanding cooperative educational materials
    • Gaps or problems with the state of current co-op educational materials.

To take the survey go to:  https://s.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8wf4lXvG1oOQCs5&Preview=Survey&BrandID=snhu

    Once the survey data is collected, a final report and a directory of cooperative education providers will be published on this website.  The Cooperative Foundation hopes the survey findings will influence the development of high quality cooperative education materials that meet the needs of cooperative educators and the public. 

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